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Potlucks are always good fun. Potluck is when people meet for lunch or dinner and each person contributes one dish for the occasion. I love potlucks because, one, it is not a mental burden on the person who is hosting the occasion; and two, it allows variety of tastes at the same time. Since everyone brings a new flavour to the occasion, every person is important.

Same is the case with each one of us in life. Wherever you are, do you add a flavor in that place? Do you bring something unique to the table – is there something about you, which adds to the charm of the meeting, occasion, or that group? Maybe I need to clarify with a few references –

FRIENDS – In case you are not available for a get together, are you missed? Is there something about you that no one else possesses in the group? Or does it often happen that even if you are there, people ignore you and your views are not even valued?

FAMILY – This is one place where you will always feel wanted and loved. I would still recommend that you ask yourself this question – what unique attribute do you add to the family?

PROFESSION – Are you just another employee in the office? When you are on a leave, does your manager/team leader miss you and wished you were there to make things flow smoothly?

BUSINESS – What do your employees think about you? Are they happy when you are not around? Or, do they feel the charisma missing in office when you are on a holiday?

PARTNERSHIP – Does you partner look up to you for the role you are executing? Do they feel you are the best partner they could have ever asked for? Or, are you onboard just because you have invested money?

MARRIAGE – Is there something about you that your spouse is super proud of? When they compare you with other married couples, is there at least one quality that stands out in you?

Here are some unique qualities you could bring to the table – humour, energy on the move, positivity, happiness, pulling up pranks, boldness, listening skills, composure, maturity, leadership, being fair, knowledge on particular topic, risk taking ability, courageousness, creativity, excellent student, being planned, discipline, financial acumen, and so on.

How much ever you want others to respect you or make you feel important, it will never happen until you bring a unique quality to the table. I do not believe in gaining attention by nagging or creating dramas. The only other way to command respect is by getting something on the table for which you are looked up to.

I am not asking you to change your basic nature just to bring something on the table. Every human being will have something unique. The only issue is to be able to identify it. Once you have identified it, keep it alive! Do not let go of your unique quality just because you think someone will not appreciate it.

As I sign off for this blog, I wish to comment that – from now on, in any important role that you play, if you can identify ‘what I bring to the table,’ that role is guaranteed to give you more peace, happiness, fulfillment, and success!

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