believe in future?

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Though all of us live in the present (and on past experiences), we knowingly or unknowingly do things thinking about the bright future. Here are a few things, which show that we believe in a great future

  • Planting trees – expecting a greener world when tress grow later
  • Saving money for kids’ education – your kids will achieve milestones
  • Buying a larger office space – I will have much more work than I currently have
  • Marriage – my future looks brightest with this person in my life
  • Becoming a distributor for a product – it will help me make good money in times to come
  • Further studies – this knowledge will help me climb up the ladder in my professional life
  • Save water – water, which is essential for survival, will be an important resource in the near future
  • Extra activity classes for kids – apart from education, kids need something to express themselves
  • Buying a bigger car – expecting that as a family we will travel and stay together
  • Voting – the person/party I am voting for is best suited for safeguarding my interests as a citizen
  • Eating nutritious during pregnancy – the kid will get good nutrition and will have sound health when it comes out
  • Exercising – if I exercise today, I will stay healthy in future too
  • Investing/ Building a Startup – this is how things will happen in future
  • Tax reforms – people in the country will have a better standard of living
  • Advertising – more business is expected 

Each one of us has (a past and) a present that might be worst, bad, good or great. In case things are not going the way you want, life seems demotivating and not worth it. But the moment you look at the future, there is at least some motivation to keep going.

In case things are already going great, thinking of the future is all it takes to double your speed!

To conclude, there are things that we are doing, knowingly or unknowingly, for our future. Let us do more things by choice thinking that the future will be beautiful and better. After all, “The show must go on…”

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