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In the last blog, I wrote about the #MeToo which has been trending across social media. I expanded it a little and made it relevant for each one of us. But as I completed the blog, I realised that we seem to be looking at that hashtag from a negative perspective only. However, the #MeToo could also be positive.

Go through these and tell me if you have experienced them –

  • Your car tyre got punctured and you seemed helpless. Someone, whom you didn’t know, came and helped you out
  • You did more vegetable shopping than you could carry. A passerby/vegetable vendor helped you put them in the rickshaw without you asking for it
  • Your only pen stopped working in exams. The person sitting next to you in the exam hall just extended their pen without you knowing each other
  • You got dead tired on a trek, which seemed easy until you reached halfway. At every up climb, someone walked with you helping you through out
  • Your dress got spoilt moments before an important function and you were devastated. Only until someone selflessly offered their dress to you
  • Your pet was lost and you put it on social media. Without knowing you, people shared your post
  • You fell down on the road. Unhesitatingly, people rushed to help you
  • You were having a bad day at work. Out of the blue you get a phone call from someone who speaks something good about you, turning your day good again
  • You forgot to carry food on your train journey. Your co-passengers offered their meal to you
  • You got dejected after having lost a well-fought match. One of your opponents ruffles your hair, and comments – Well played, champ!
  • With a simple signal of your thumb, a stranger stops and offers you lift on their bike
  • Google Maps isn’t taking you to the place you need to reach. When asked for direction on road, this person asks you to follow them to your destination
  • In a foreign country, you are waiting to buy a train ticket, but can’t understand the language. A local comes and punches out a ticket for you
  • You wanted to buy a few things, but realise that you are a few bucks short. Though you are going to that shop for the first time, the shopkeeper asks you to take the stuff and pay later
  • While buying a coffee, your credit card shows declined for some reason. You have no cash either. The person behind you pays on your behalf
  • You are offered a seat in a public transport while you were standing
  • You want to buy a book from abroad that isn’t available in your country. You find a connect on Facebook who willingly searches the market for sending you that book

There are enough good people in this world. But unfortunately, we are living in a world where negativity and gossip makes news more than positive things and good acts of humanity. Usually we blame it on media, but let’s look at what we read, view and share. We are equal culprits.

I am sure each one of you would have experienced at least one of the above instances. Incase you are the one who has done one of the above – kudos to you! You did an exceptional job! Either ways - It makes me believe that the world is still a beautiful place to live in. The point is – where is your focus? #MeToo (negative) or #MeToo (positive)

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