The "BINDAAS" Life!

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BINDAAS means the state of not worrying about anything, feeling completely free from everything, no hesitation of anything, and free from all anxiety. It is about being carefree (and NOT careless)

It occurred to me last week, that we can easily classify people in two categories – the NON-BINDAAS and BINDAAS type. NON-BINDAAS are those kind of people who think twice before doing any thing; will always have reasons for avoiding/ delaying to do things; will always be scared of an unfavourable result; hesitation is always visible for most actions. On the other side, BINDAAS people are carefree. They always feel that things will work in their favour; they believe nothing can ever go wrong with them; unfavourable results never perturb them.

Lets see whether you qualify as a BINDAAS or a NON-BINDAAS person

  • Can you ask for a discount in a mall
  • Leave your car (without a driver) in no parking area when you have a work of 10 minutes somewhere
  • Open a conversation with the Municipal Commissioner of your city who is having tea standing next to you
  • Taking your luxury car in the most crowded place in the city
  • Staying firm and not giving in to the unreasonable demands of your toddler
  • Jumping on the empty dance floor when your favourite number plays
  • Speaking confidently about your product even when the client who is extremely experienced does not believe your product is good enough
  • Accepting an impromptu challenge
  • Leaving your current profession because you discovered your passion, having no idea how you will earn now
  • Venturing into a new business without having any background in the field; sheerly because it looks lucrative
  • Driving a friends brand new one crore rupee car
  • Tell the employee that you are not happy with their performance
  • Accepting to anchor a program you had otherwise just come to attend
  • Get down your vehicle and start managing the traffic chaos on the road
  • Colour your hair blue, because you love to see yourself like that
  • Attend a late night party, absolutely confident to wake up for a 6am flight next morning
  • Try wearing colours/ clothes, which people have said don’t suit you
  • Go for an international vacation, without booking anything, but the air tickets
  • Not being on any social media platform while world goes gaga about it
  • Defending your point even though 10 people are against your thinking
  • Respectfully telling you parents that you will find your own life partner when you feel right, and needn’t be their concern
  • Venture on a one month trip all by yourself – no company whatsoever
  • Talking in your normal voice even without fearing people around you

In no ways, I mean to say that a BINDAAS person will have a great life, and a NON-BINDAAS person will have tough time. It is a matter of personal choice as to how you want to live your life. Each one of us has a basic nature (BINDAAS or NON-BINDAAS). Though I believe that my basic nature can be changed, once I decide.

As I have been looking at myself since last 10 days, I realised that I am mostly a NON-BINDAAS person; and selectively BINDAAS when in my comfort zone. Ever since I realised this, I decided that I want to be a BINDAAS person. It is totally against my nature currently. But the next thought was – do I want my kids also to be NON-BINDAAS? The answer was a straight no. They will become what they see their parents as. The decision was easy then.

Mind you, I am not telling to become careless, but carefree. Becoming BINDAAS does not mean crossing limits, breaking rules, causing trouble to others and hurting people. Be responsibly BINDAAS! Let’s lead a BINDAAS LIFE!

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