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While everyone uses social media, the question really is – are we exploiting for our business gains? I think most of us are not. Here are some ways to best use social media for business gains –

  1. Select the right media platform for you – There are heaps of social media channels available today. Wanting to be present in all is stupidity. You cannot justify your presence. Your target audience will be present only on specific platform. Find the best platform and post only there
    • Facebook – Has a large following. But too many posts. But if you can identify the right target group and post interesting stuff, guaranteed to grab attention
    • WhatsApp – Lot of people in India use whatsApp extensively. Unfortunately we use to it forward positive messages, hot news/ gossips etc. If we use it in the right way, this can spread awareness about your business and allow people to keep you on top of their minds when they need the stuff. Create a broadcast list (not a group), and send out interesting stuff, atleast once a month. Do not bug the list every week. Can become irritating
    • Instagram and Pinterest – If there is any product/ service which can do justice through pictures, there is not better platform. Excellent posts from across the world
    • LinkedIn – Great to connect with people. Of late, eminent people are sharing amazing articles. Becoming more and more powerful
    • Twitter – Excellent and purposeful platform. But definitely not the one to market anything. The tweets get lost too fast. Paid ads can work, but must be ready to spend a bomb. The ratio of you following people has to be lesser than people following you. Only then your tweets will be recognized
  2. Paid Ads – There are a lot of avenues to do paid ads., like – facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. The social media marketing agencies will tell you to spend a little amount – maybe 5000/- a month to try. But let me tell you that this small amount is a waste. You will not get any business. You need to find out the ‘Customer Acquisition Cost’ in your industry. Accordingly decide if you want to spend that kind of money. Else, do free social media without any half hearted paid ads
  3. Blog – Today’s world belongs to people who are masters in their own ways in what they do. You must be thorough with the updates from your industry. With Internet, the client has become highly informed and updated. One best way to prove your knowledge is to write a blog/ article related to your work regularly – atleast once a month. Free accounts are possible on wordpress, wix, blogger etc.
  4. Email Marketing – One of the most under rated ways of marketing your product/ services. All of us get loads of emails everyday. Most of them are junk mails. Yet, a well-drafted emailer with a catchy subject line is bound to get attention. Compose an email, which will be worth someone’s two-minute look and be creative with the subject line. It has the power to get you business, more than any other media
  5. Updated website – Many of us have a website. But is your website updated atleast every quarter? If it is not, people have no reason to log onto your website regularly. It should be able to show some activity to people who visit second time. Make your website with updated software tools and ensure it is SEO friendly. Google gives preference to websites, that are updated regularly
  6. SEO – One of the most over rated and under rated tool of making yourself visible online. Over rated because some people over spend to get at the top, while other section does nothing about coming on top of Google. Balance must be created. There are enough tools to come on top and stop unnecessary to come on top. Content being a major influencer
  7. Quora – Quora has been gathering huge people across the world. It answers various questions from the experts in relevant fields. One of the best ways to prove your mastery in your field is to answer relevant questions put forth by people across the world. It will get you more following and hence possibly some business

One of the ways to reach to the world audience is least budget is the Internet. With Internet, geographical boundaries have vanished. It means that each one of us has access to customers across the globe. But the first step has to be taken by you and followed up continuously. It can take anywhere between 6-12 months for you to start seeing results. But once you are visible online ….. sky is the limit for you!

My suggestion to you – decide atleast 3 points out of the 7, which you will implement within a week. Some might need a little research, but Internet is always ready to help! Have fun and keep stumbling across success regularly !!!!

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