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Business = Meditation

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I have done both – business as well as meditation. It will not be fair to say that I have reached at some stage at either of them. While, taking a bath at the start of the week, a EUREKA moment happened. It occurred to me – isn’t (ethical) business and meditation same? I know it seems a very weird comparison. But here is my case, as to why I think meditation (M) and business (B) are very similar –


M – the more you meditate, the more you evolve – spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and mentally. There is no end to it. You just keep becoming better at all of the above

B – So is the case with business. You can never say – I have arrived. You need to keep becoming better, exploit opportunities, make right investments – monetarily and in people, explore new markets etc. The moment you become stagnant, your downfall would have just started


M – When you start to meditate, there are innumerable thoughts. The moment you close your eyes, it is as if the mind has wanted to talk to you for ages. But as you meditate consistently, the chatter reduces dramatically. Thoughts go from many thoughts together to one thought at a time. One to None, which is so called Meditative State, is Existential Grace and not in your control

B – In today’s world, if you are trying to do too many things (read services/ products), you will be just another business owner who will be struggling to exist and make ends meet. The world needs specialists now. You need to have a command over atleast one thing – a product/ service you are best at! Only then will people come to you and pay a premium. Else you will always be engaging in a price war. You need to go from many to few right away (this is understanding that you want to stand out of the crowd)


M – When you start to meditate, you always need a catalyst – music, a sound, a repetitive action, some voice to guide etc. Since the mind is not used to focusing and being silent, it needs something to focus on. Find that catalyst, which works for you out of the above. Once your focus has been achieved, then you can meditate without any catalyst

B – In your business too, you need to have a catalyst to zoom up. There will atleast be one product/ service that is giving you maximum profits. As a business owner, you must focus on that product/ service. Once that is set and people know that you offer that product/ service, it will serve as a catalyst for your other related products/ services 


M – When you move from many to one, and later one to none, you lose the track of time and where you are. You are in a heavenly zone. There is peace, tranquility, freedom, and ecstasy. Sometimes, when you meditate, it might look like just ten minutes. But when you look at the watch, it is almost an hour. You just stop operating out of a watch and a location while meditating

B – Does it happen that when you are interacting with a client, or doing a sales pitch, or working on a project, you get so engrossed that you forget everything and anything else going around you? You are just at it. Even if you have been working over it for hours, yet you don’t get tired. You love doing it so much, that everything else takes a back seat. You have just stopped operating out of a watch


M – One of most common reason that people give for not being able to meditate is – I am too busy. I don’t have time. Well, there are enough people are busier than you are, yet find time to meditate. Not because they can manage time, but they love to meditate and don’t give any excuses

B – There are enough reasons you will give yourself and others as to why business is not moving at jet speed. But the fact of the matter is – if you love doing what you do, you will find creative solutions and make it work

I have always heard people say that meditation is for saints and business is for money minded people. As I complete this article, I strongly contradict that. I believe that meditation and business are great partners. While, the hunger for growth and profit in business should be insatiable, meditation can make the process peaceful, joyful, and fulfilling. Hence I feel that (ethical) Business and Meditation are on same platform! They compliment each other wonderfully. Infact meditation for business owners can lead to higher achievements with contentment!

While being at your business place, if you do not feel happy, stress-free, motivated, and at peace, I think it is time for you to move on and take a step forward. Stop doing what you are doing, identify – doing what will make you feel meditative and start moving towards it. Remember, we have only one life to live! It is NOW or NEVER!

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