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To me, business is not just about direct ways of selling, but also some indirect ways. While direct ways get you business immediately, the indirect ways will be able to earn you business from sources you would have never imagined. It will enhance your sales and maybe reach some bumper clients in the near future. Here are some 7 ways of earning indirect business – 

  1. Social Media – Be active about your business on social media like – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. Post about new services/ products, recently completed sites, important/ useful data related to your business. There would already have been times when your known people have bought stuff from others because they didn’t know you too deal in that product/ service. Let people explicitly know what you are doing. Ensure that the posts are interesting to catch a user attention (more in detail in my next blog)

We are working with Ideal Works, Italy for Microtopping CONCRETE. It is one it’s kind product. We are extensively marketing it on FB. As a result we are getting enquiries from across India and some SAARC countries, which we would have never got through traditional direct ways

  1. Google Business and Maps – It is safe to say that Google rules the world in Internet. People refer to Google for anything and everything. Google has two wonderful tools, which are free – Google Business and Google Maps. It is of prime importance to have your presence on both places. It makes you visible online and also easier for people to reach your place of business. Moreover, if you could convince your customers to rate you on Google Business, when people search for products/ services relevant to you, your listing will come at top.

All our businesses are posted and up to date on Google Maps and Business. We have got a few ratings and share the location on Maps when people are searching for us. We got a SEO friendly website to support the listings to ensure that we always come up on search.

  1. Email list – In today’s world, all of us certainly have an email account for business, which we use to exchange emails. But there are hardly any business owners who create an email list of all the customers and prospects. These people to whom you have sent/received emails are certainly interested in what you are doing. Sending them an email atleast once a month about anything useful and relevant about your business will always keep you on top of their minds for their next purchase

We used to that often a while ago, until there was a lull for a couple of years. Now we have begun doing that regularly. We have already started getting enquiries for our products seeing the emails. These are people who might not have been reached through social media. Mailchimp is a simple, easy and free to send bulk emails

  1. Sell more to same clients – Those who are buying from you are happy with your products/ services. We are happy to crack the sales, invariably forgetting that the same client might need more stuff, which he might not be aware about. It is your job to train the sales team to increase the size of their purchase

We get lot of clients who buy things, but do not know that they will need more than just this. Sometimes, they are not aware of the updated products available in the market. It is the job of the sales team to educate and sell such products/ services. Eg: A person who buys basin will also need taps, accessories and online heaters. Same client but the kitty of sales can be much broader

  1. Referrals – Happy clients are your best source to get more business. Be shameless and ask your clients if they know someone who would also be interested. Ask for referrals the moment your deal is done. The best time to get a referral is when the client is happiest. Do not delay and postpone.

We always do this at our online store (e-ceramall.com). After closing the deal, we ask people if they know someone who would be happy enough to trust us to deliver ceramic and sanitary items across India. We often get some referrals especially because this is new way of doing business in a traditional industry

  1. Complimentary Products/ Services – There are places where your prospects would be going, apart from your place of business. Depending on how much you can afford, give complimentary services/ products to such places, which act as a showcase for you. Important thing is to identify which are these places/ people who can get more business in return for you

Microtopping CONCRETE is a unique product, which does not have too much awareness yet. To make it more visible, we are installing it complimentary or at bare minimum costs at places where we expect business to be generated in near future. We have also done installation at few architects’ office since we know they love Concrete and would only promote it once it is in their studio

  1. Testimonials – We are living in a world, where whom to trust and not to trust is a huge issue. If you could collect genuine testimonials from your clients, and display them at right places (on website, inside your office, in TV presentation in store, JustDial etc.) people will trust you more and might close order with you even if someone is selling cheaper than you

We are always collecting testimonials for our online venture (e-ceramall.com) and displaying it on the landing page. We have made a small Google Form to fill in. For Jain Ceramics, we request our clients to rate us on JustDial or Google Business 

All these 7 ways work great on getting indirect business. I can say this with authority as we have tried it, tested it and beginning to get results. People notice us and readily pass references to others too. Moreover, doing these things always helps us stay on top of prospects mind, which is so very important in today’s world where choices are unlimited.

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